Blogging in Proverbs: Redux

Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 in Proverbs, Scripture

Welcome back! After a long hiatus I am picking up my pen again, so to speak, and continuing to blog through these precious words of wisdom given to inform our mind and incline our heart to the truths and promises of God. I encourage you to take a look back at the introductory blog Blogging in Proverbs as a sort of refresher on the format we began with on how to study the Scripture. Subsequent blogs “practiced” the format through Chapters 1-3, with Friday each week eventually given to you doing it on your own. As we start back in Proverbs 4, each day will be a do-it-yourself with a few questions, thoughts, illustrations and quotes to prod your thinking along the way. I look forward to our time together each week!

For today, read Proverbs 4 and determine how you might divide it into three sections of teaching. HINT: There is a common refrain you will find to start each section :).

This chapter hath much the same tendency as the former. It contains an exhortation to the pursuit of wisdom. And towards the close of the Chapter the sad effects of a contrary study is pointed out in strong characters. [Robert Hawker, Poor Man’s Commentary]

In this chapter Solomon advises to seek after wisdom, to avoid bad company, and to continue in the right paths of goodness and truth: he excites attention to what he had to say, from the relation he stood in to the persons addressed; from the nature of his instructions, which were good and profitable; and from his own example, in attending to those his parents gave him. [John Gill, Exposition of the Whole Bible]

Have a blessed day!

“The perfect satisfaction of the Father with Christ’s work for His people so that Christ could say, ‘It is finished,’ is a ground of solid comfort to His Church forevermore! Dear Friends, once more, take comfort from this, ‘It is finished,’ for the redemption of Christ’s Church is perfected!

There is not another penny to be paid for her full release. There is no mortgage upon Christ’s inheritance. Those whom He bought with blood are forever clear of all charges, paid for to the utmost! There was a handwriting of ordinances against us, but Christ has taken it away, He has nailed it to His Cross.

‘It is finished,’ finished forever. All those overwhelming debts which would have sunk us to the lowest Hell have been discharged—and they who believe in Christ may appear with boldness even before the Throne of God, itself.

‘It is finished.’ What comfort there is in this glorious Truth of God! And I think that we may say to the Church of God that when Jesus said, ‘It is finished,’ her ultimate triumph was secured. ‘Finished!’ By that one Word He declared that He had broken the head of the old dragon.

By His death Jesus has routed the hosts of darkness and crushed the rising hopes of Hell. We have a stern battle yet to fight—nobody can tell what may await the Church of God in years to come—it would be idle for us to attempt to prophesy.

But it looks as if there are to be sterner times and darker days than we have ever yet known, but what of that? Our Lord has defeated the foe and we have to fight with one who is already vanquished! The old serpent has been crushed, his head is bruised, and we have, now, to trample on him.

We have this sure Word of promise to encourage us, ‘The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly’ Surely, ‘It is finished,’ sounds like the trumpet of victory! Let us have faith to claim that victory through the blood of the Lamb!

And let every Christian, here—let the whole Church of God, as one mighty army take comfort from this dying Word of the now risen and ever-living Savior—‘It is finished.’ His Church may rest perfectly satisfied that His work for her is fully accomplished!”

–Charles H. Spurgeon, “Christ’s Dying Word for His Church,” in Majesty In Misery, Vol. 3: Calvary’s Mournful Mountain (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 2005), 206-207.

Psalm 120 – Supplication

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Continue to pray to the God of all certainty in these days of uncertainty!

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Blogging in Proverbs: Proverbs 3:33-35

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Pro 3:33 The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous.
Pro 3:34 Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor.
Pro 3:35 The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace.

This DIY Friday concludes Proverbs 3… we made it! I have been blessed by this study and trust that I am wiser for it and a just recipient of His honor. Here we have the most glorious of God’s promises – He curses only the wicked; He blesses only the righteous… PERIOD! He punishes the wicked in wrath as Judge; He disciplines the righteous in love as Father. 1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.

This is a good passage to Diagram It as each verse is a contrast and parallel.

Have a great weekend… and don’t forget to spring forward!

Sinners are under the curse of God, they and their houses; saints are under his blessing, they and their habitation, Pro_3:33. The wicked has a house, a strong and stately dwelling perhaps, but the curse of the Lord is upon it, it is in it, and, though the affairs of the family may prosper, yet the very blessings are curses, Mal_2:2. There is leanness in the soul, when the body is fed to the full, Psa_106:15. The curse may work silently and slowly; but it is as a fretting leprosy; it will consume the timber thereof and the stones thereof, Zec_5:4; Hab_2:11. The just have a habitation, a poor cottage (the word is used for sheep-cotes), a very mean dwelling; but God blesses it; he is continually blessing it, from the beginning of the year to the end of it. The curse or blessing of God is upon the house according as the inhabitants are wicked or godly; and it is certain that a blessed family, though poor, has no reason to envy a cursed family, though rich.

God puts contempt upon sinners, but shows respect to saints, Pro_3:34. (1.) Those who exalt themselves shall certainly be abased: Surely he scorns the scorners. Those who scorn to submit to the discipline of religion, scorn to take God’s yoke upon them, scorn to be beholden to his grace, who scoff at godliness and godly people, and take a pleasure in bantering and exposing them, God will scorn them, and lay them open to scorn before all the world. He despises their impotent malice, sits in heaven and laughs at them, Psa_2:4. He retaliates upon them (Psa_18:26); he resists the proud. (2.) Those who humble themselves shall be exalted, for he gives grace to the lowly; he works that in them which puts honour upon them and for which they are accepted of God and approved of men. Those who patiently bear contempt from scornful men shall have respect from God and all good men, and then they have no reason to envy the scorners or to choose their ways.

The end of sinners will be everlasting shame, the end of saints endless honour, Pro_3:35. (1.) Saints are wise men, and act wisely for themselves; for though their religion now wraps them up in obscurity, and lays them open to reproach, yet they are sure to inherit glory at last, the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. They shall have it, and have it by inheritance, the sweetest and surest tenure. God gives them grace (Pro_3:34), and therefore they shall inherit glory, for grace is glory, 2Co_3:18. It is glory begun, the earnest of it, Psa_84:11. (2.) Sinners are fools, for they are not only preparing disgrace for themselves, but at the same time flattering themselves with a prospect of honour, as if they only took the way to be great. Their end will manifest their folly: Shame shall be their promotion. And it will be so much the more their punishment as it will come instead of their promotion; it will be all the promotion they must ever expect, that God will be glorified in their everlasting confusion. [Matthew Henry]

Blogging in Proverbs: Proverbs 3:31-32

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Pro 3:31 Do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways,
Pro 3:32 for the devious person is an abomination to the LORD, but the upright are in his confidence.

These verses change from the way the wise man is to treat his honest neighbor to how he is to respond to the wicked man.

1. Verb it. What is “envy”? How is it different from jealousy? How is it similar? What can lead a person to “envy”?

2. Relate it. See Psalm 37:1; Psalm 73:3; Proverbs 23:17; Ecclesiastes 4:4. Now search the New Testament and notice that “envy” shows up in most of the lists of sins to be avoided/mortified. What can lead a person to “envy”?

3. Relate it. as it pertains to Christ, “envy” was one of the reasons that Christ was crucified. See Matthew 27:18; Mark 15:10.

4. As is the way of Proverbs, who is contrasted in v. 32? What is the consequence for each type?

5. Noun it. What does “abomination to the LORD” mean? What about “in his confidence”?

6. Receive it. How can you know if you are an “abomination to the LORD” or “in his confidence”? How can you be confident and have assurance of “his confidence”? What is the desire of your heart? What is your passion? Therein lies the answer!

Solomon exhorts his son not to envy the violent person who seems to prosper because of his schemes. There are times when it looks like following Wisdom—following Jesus—doesn’t work like we think it should, and following the ways of evil can lead to short-term success… There are times in this fallen world when it may look like the path of sin is the path to getting what we want. Solomon acknowledges that some people do use their power to manipulate and abuse others to get what they want, and they get it. You might be tempted to jealousy and to adopting their ways when you see their success. Solomon pleads with his son not to envy these people because in the end the tables will turn. In the end, they lose.

Judgment will fall. God opposes these people, so they will not prosper forever. And God is for you if you belong to his Son; and that means even if you don’t prosper right now, you will later. Yes, there’s an order to the world where things work out in a certain way. Yes, in a fallen world it doesn’t always work out immediately. But God stands behind the order upholding it, and he will call for a reckoning on the last day. There will be a judgment. When the order works out in the here and now, when fools are struck with poverty, lose their family, or irreparably damage their reputation, that is merely a foretaste of the ultimate reckoning they will receive on the last day. And when the wise have plenty, a happy family, and a good standing in the community, that also is merely a foretaste of the glory to come. But even if these things don’t work out immediately, God will see to it that they do in the end.

Wisdom has its rewards, and Solomon holds them out to his son as a motivation to get wisdom. If you believe that Wisdom—Jesus—can make good on these rewards, then you will walk in these ways. The devious person—the person who goes against the created order—is detestable to Yahweh (3:32). And judgment will fall on you if you do not follow the golden rule to do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Jonathan Akin, Exalting Jesus in Proverbs (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary), Kindle Edition.