Book Review: Recovering Redemption

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014 in Book review

Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer is both a refreshing and an honest read. Refreshing because they share real life struggles and pursuits. Honest because they show how messy ministry can be – because of sin. But the struggles due to sin and the mess of relationships because of the fall can be overcome when one recognizes the freedom and forgiveness of redemption in Christ. That is what Chandler and Snetzer seek to set forth – and they do so well. From the back cover:

Recovering Redemption, written with a pastor’s bold intensity and a counselor’s discerning insight, takes you deeply into Scripture to take you deeply within yourself, discovering that the heart of all our problems is truly the problem of our hearts. But because of what God has done, and because of what God can do, the most confident, contented person you know could actually be you – redeemed through Jesus Christ.

The book is given in two parts, though they do not break it down as such in the table of contents. The first part is doctrinal, and the subtitles of each chapter demonstrate this. The second half is given between the doctrines of sanctification and perseverance and focuses on the practical. Of course, there is some overlap as they share practical stories in the doctrinal chapters and doctrine is mingled throughout the practical chapters.

This is a book about change, how the gospel changes the heart, once you’ve received Christ and His transforming power. If you are struggling with sin – read it. If you are in bondage to sin – read it. If you’ve never trusted Christ as Lord and Savior, read it. And if you think you’re ok – READ IT! Find out more @

(I received a pre-publication copy of this book from the publisher with a request to review.)


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