Morris on Atonement

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014 in Gospel, Theology

Leon Morris in his excellent book “The Atonement” states the following in the Epilogue. May it provide us who are in union with Christ encouragement and hope this Good Friday.

There are many facets to the atonement. It may be viewed from any one of a number of angles, each which brings to us an individual insight into the way of salvation. Some of them emphasize that Christ took our place. We are the sinners. We deserve the punishment. But we do not undergo it. Christ stood in our place and we are free. The New Testament witnesses to a multi-faceted salvation, one which may be regarded in many ways and which is infinitely satisfying. In whatever way our need be viewed, Christ met it fully.

The great thing about the cross is that God saves us by his grace. We do not merit salvatuon, but receive it as a free gift… The cross is the making of a new covenant, but this means that we are to live as the people of God. It is the perfect sacrifice, but we are to present our bodies as living sacrifices. If Christ died for us, we are to live for him. He has carried our sins away, as the Day of Atonement reminds us, and won for us access into the presence of God. And this means we have a great privilege. We must neither neglect it nor use it carelessly. Christ our Passover has been offered for us so that we, the church, constitute the people of God, and so that we should cleanse out every evil thing. Passover warns against complacency. The Lamb of God brings us back to the thought of the perfect sacrifice with all that that means.


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