Celebrity Pastors, New Calvinism, TGC and T4G

Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 in Calvinism, Conferences, Theology

Kevin DeYoung wrote an excellent blog a few weeks back on “celebrity” pastors and New Calvinism. Once again DeYoung shows his wisdom and discernment in bringing a true “fair and balanced” approach to the discussion. It is a timely blog with T4G (Together for the Gospel) coming up next week in Louisville, KY.

T4G and TGC (The Gospel Coalition) have both been said to identify with and/or promote both “celebrity” pastors and New Calvinism. T4G and TGC both have biennial national conferences that meet in alternating years. TGC is perhaps more widely known because of its web site, bloggers, book reviews, publications, and Themelios journal. There is certainly overlap in name with the two groups (DeYoung, Anyabwile, and others) and in those who follow and/or identify with both groups.

For what it’s worth, I will be attending T4G next week and am a regular follower of the bloggers at TGC. I would not consider myself a fan of New Calvinism though I identify with roughly 10 of Piper’s 12 features of New Calvinism. I am a true Calvinist soteriologically, adhering to the limited atonement/particular redemption of Christ (I am not an Amyraldian/4.5 pointer). That is a half-point off of feature 1, but I do think it important to make more wise use of acronyms (and labels for that matter). I am a proponent of new hymnody when done well, and I am not against older hymns put to a more contemporary tune, again, when done well. However, I also have no aversion to the old hymns – as they are written in the hymnbook. Which I guess means I am not anti-hymnbook, which also means I am only a half-pointer on feature 5. I am OK with feature 7 as long as it is not anti-denominational. I am a cessationist, which is a whole point on feature 8. Hence, I am roughly a 10-point New Calvinist.

That said, I am looking forward to being with the brethren next week and worshiping our great God in song and Word. May God bless the proclamation of the Word and may those words bear fruit for His kingdom and His glory.


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