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Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 in Evangelism, Gospel, Missions

On Sunday I closed with the following point of application from John 15:26-27:

The believer has all he needs in the person of the Spirit to empower, embolden, and enlighten their gospel witness. The Helper, Comforter, Advocate (Greek: paracletos, “one called alongside to help”); Spirit of truth (Spirit gives us just the right word at just the right time). Potential problem with methods: Not against methods, but the methods themselves can become a hindrance apart from the Spirit. (Ex.: MORMONS; JW’s are trained – but knock them off kilter…)

We lack confidence because we look for confidence in the wrong place (results/response; trust in method alone and when method doesn’t work, we think we’ve failed.)  We lack courage because we don’t see results – but remember, the results are God’s! We sow (live/tell the gospel); We water (pray); and We believe the promise (God will give the increase).

That being said, I would like to introduce you to a study called Christianity Explored. It is an excellent study in the gospel of Mark and answers the What? Why? Who? How? questions that are important in our evangelism. What is sin? Why do we need the gospel? Who is Jesus? How can one be made right with God? How can one follow Jesus? What is required to follow Jesus? There are seven sessions structured to both train leaders and then to present the study:

Session One: What Are We Doing Here? GOOD NEWS
Session Two: Who Is Jesus? IDENTITY
Session Three: Why Did Jesus Come? SIN
Session Four: Why Did Jesus Die? THE CROSS
Session Five: Why Did Jesus Rise? THE RESURRECTION
Session Six: How Can God Accept Us? GRACE
Session Seven: What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus? COME AND DIE

I am starting a study with some of my people and plan to follow up with a neighborhood meeting at a later time. If you are in the West Hoover/Bessemer/McCalla area and are interested, please let me know.

  1. Alan Avera says:

    If there is any way I can encourage you in this study, please let me know. Hopefully you will find Christianity Explored is not a method, but a process for getting people into the gospel.

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