Church History Lectures

Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 in Church History

If you are interested in Church History there are a couple of things I think you might like. Ligonier has two offers to whet your appetite. The first is an entire course lecture series by Dr. Robert Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary California. Dr. Godfrey also serves as a teaching fellow at Ligonier Justin Taylor has provided the entire Reformation video lectures (free) with link to entire Church History lectures (some free, some $2/lecture).

Then there is the excellent weekly podcast 5 Minutes in Church History with Dr. Stephen Nichols. You can subscribe to the podcast or visit web site and listen to each vignette. I listened to the last two on the Scottish Reformation last night.

Also, the Founders Study Center has a study in the Puritans beginning in March (FREE!!!). Details for the course can be found here. If you are interested let me know. This is an excellent introduction to the Puritans.


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