Old and New

Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 in Scripture, Theology

As I was reading through the exodus account last week I noticed how some of the signs and “I AM” sayings of Jesus recorded in the gospel of John coincide with the murmurings and grumblings of the nation of Israel. The nation first grumbles about being trapped by Pharaoh in Ex 14 anf God provided the way for them to follow. In Jn 8:12 Jesus Jesus is the Light of the world and in Jn 14:6 Jesus is that way of deliverance for those whose hearts have not been hardened like that of Pharaoh’s. Their next complaint came at the bitter waters of Marah, “What shall we drink?” Moses was instructed by God to throw a log into the water, and the water became sweet (Ex. 15:22-25). In John 2, Jesus turned the water into new wine. The next grumbling of Israel was hunger, and the Lord caused it rain bread from heaven (Ex. 16:1-8). In John chapter 6, Jesus declares, “I AM the bread of life… For I have come down out of heaven” (Jn 6:35, 38, 51) and the Jews grumbled (v. 41). The nation again grumbles about their thirst Ex 17 and Moses strikes the rock and the water flows. In Jn 6 Jesus said that whoever believes in Him will never thirst – He is the Rock! (Jn 6:35). And of course, each of their grumblings came from a fear of dying on the wilderness and the misguided assumption that things were better in Egypt. Jesus comes proclaiming, “I AM the resurrection and the life” (Jn 11:25). Of course, these images go on throughout. God’ provides the law for His people (Ex 20) and Jesus fulfills that law (Mt 5:17-20). The prophets describe Israel as a vine, Jesus becomes the true vine (Jn 15:1). Of course, the good new is that Jesus became the once-for-all sacrifice for our sins which satisfies the wrath of God (Heb 9:15-28). So I guess the story shows that rather than seeking satisfaction from the things of the world (like Israel did and was not satisfied), perhaps we should seek that which satisfies God!

I think this should provide enough for us to mediate on today. Seek the Son!!!


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