Miraculous Gifts Today – Yea or Nay?

Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2014 in Conferences, Pastoral

Ever since the Strange Fire Conference in October there has been no shortage of blogs, discussion and debate on the subject of miraculous gifts – do they exist today? The messages and events surrounding the conference spurred the “controversy” [I really wanted to say “fire storm” :)] Many have contributed to the blogosphere and on social media. However, what has been exposed over the past few months is how misinformed and/or apathetic the regular, faithful church member who doesn’t “blog” or respond in public forums or social media is concerning miraculous gifts. In fact, for many, they wonder why this is even an issue. And others are for or against the operation of these gifts in the present day without a biblical foundation for support. Their conclusions are a lot of “heat” [“fire” again, :)] with little “light.”

The Gospel Coalition chimes in on the issue today with two informative blogs. While they are brief, each offers a fair assessment of each side and both seek to establish their view biblically. Sam Storms articulates and defends the continuationist position, while Tom Schreiner offers the opposing cessationist position


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