Thoughts on Winston Outcome

Posted: Friday, December 6, 2013 in Culture, Gospel

Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs declared that no charges would be brought against Florida State standout quarterback Jameis Winston in the year-old sexual assault case — case closed. It appears that justice was served in the decision given the lack of evidence to either prosecute or defend in criminal court. We will likely never know the full story of what happened, and if the act itself (which is not debated given DNA evidence) was not consensual, then I am sorrowful for the young lady involved. Her response is correct – it is and will continue to be difficult for woman to speak out in sexual assault/abuse cases. But again, given the evidence, in my estimation Meggs’ made the right call.

That given, I have a couple of concerns. First, I found that there were some football fans in the states of Florida and Alabama that lost all sense of proper perspective in the midst of this – especially over the past week Some in Florida were hoping, pleading, and even praying that Winston would be cleared of charges in order to play in the ACC Championship and presumed BCS National Championship and pave the way for the Heisman – regardless of the merits of the case. And there were some in my state of Alabama that were hoping for a different outcome – whether they be of Bama or Auburn stripe – so that Winston could not play in the ACC Championship. While I think these were few, the fact that there were any that would put sports passions over justice is discouraging.

Another concern is that the entire incident reveals the moral climate of our nation, and this too is discouraging. Winston showed no remorse whatsoever that there was a sexual act that took place. Whether or not it was a consensual is inconsequential in the sexually immoral act itself that Winston sought and participated in. Meggs’ decision, the defense attorney’s presser, Winston’s response, and the thoughts of many included a similar refrain, “There was a sexual act that took place, BUT…” And the moral decline is demonstrated with the “BUT.” There are only a handful of people who have drawn any attention to the truth that there was an act of sin. Not even an ounce of remorse from Winston, just jubilation that he was found innocent. You see — the fact that there was a sexual act no longer matters — after all, all college students are sexually active, at least that’s how the story goes.

Given this entire situation, I could not help but think of another Heisman winner who was the first sophomore to win the trophy. That player was also quarterback on  a BCS National Championship football team in the state of Florida, only not Florida State, but the University of Florida. And that player was decried for taking a moral stand on sex, marriage, and abstinence – even called “out of touch” and “a freak” for his views. That player was Tim Tebow.

Tebow was not and is not a perfect man. Tebow was not and is not a sinless man. But Tebow was and continues to be above reproach morally. He stands forgiven for his sins because of his belief in what Christ accomplished for his sins at Calvary — full forgiveness. And this forgiveness, Mr. Winston, is what you need and can have today if you repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You must have faith in Him, not in yourself, which your statement declared yesterday.

And folks – the same is true for all in our moral morass. And it is this gospel that keeps me from despair in my discouragement and gives hope in times that seem hopeless. We are called to take the good news of Christ into the darkness of our culture — by His grace and for His glory.


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