New Discoveries

Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in Pastoral

Recently I made a new discovery. This is a really huge event because I tend to be more analytical than observational (my wife would consider that a classic understatement). I have my moments, however, and find that sometimes my simplest observations birth spiritual thoughts – which is always good.

scunchieMy new discovery – the soap scrunchie that I have been using for a number of months now has a tightly knit mesh loop that you can hang the scrunchie up with on a shower hook. There it was, all but hidden to me because it is of the same color and material. It was there all along, I just hadn’t noticed. My days are now more full knowing that I am starting my day using my soap scrunchie properly – and then hanging it up by my new discovery.

Just where is the spiritual application, you might ask? What did this spur in my mind and stir in my soul? Well let me ask you – have you ever read God’s Word (which has the deepest of cleansing power, by the way) and seen something new, gleaned something for the first time? It is perhaps a passage you have read numerous times, maybe even memorized and meditated upon and heard sermons preached on. And then – BAM! – there it is. Clear, precise, ILLUMINATED. And you think, you ponder, you question – why haven’t I seen this before?

There you have it. You just discovered the loop in the soap scrunchie. You now have a different way to apply God’s multi-faceted truth. Where there had only been light – and that dim – now there is heat, the desire to live according to your new discovery.

Remember the soap scrunchie. Remember others have not yet found the “hidden” loop, the treasure that lies in God’s Word. May we seek in order to find and find in order to live!!!


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