Can Rap Music Glorify God?

Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 in Music, Theology

“Are ‘Christian’ and ‘rap’ mutually exclusive?” That is the question that Mark Dever pursues in his 9 Marks interview with Christian rappers Shai Linne and Voice. It is both an informative and a challenging interview. It will prove informative for those of us who have no clue about the different musical genres within rap and/or the artists who are leading out in the Christian arena. It will prove challenging to those who might have a somewhat Fundamental edge (I cracked up when about half way through the interview Dever suggests that those types would have already stopped listening). I hope you will give this a fair consideration as these men are doing gospel ministry in major urban areas.

Two things stood out to me:

1) Rap is not a replacement for preaching.
2) Rap is not a genre given to corporate worship.

If you are further interested in this topic, you might also consider the most recent publication from Cruciform Press, Does God Listen to Rap? The subtitle itself is intriguing, “Christians and the World’s Most Controversial Music.” The book is written by the aforementioned Curtis “Voice” Allen with an inspiring forward by Owen Strachan (Risky Gospel). Here is a teaser for you from Cruciform:

Some people think that if there is one style of music that God hates and calls unclean, it must be rap. But lots of Christians love rap, even though they know it’s associated with sin and rebellion. Does God have issues with rap? Is it OK for Christians to love it? Believe it or not, the Bible does speak to this subject. Check it out.

And while their are multiple artists you might consider in the Christian rap genre, here are a couple of relative unknowns you might give a listen:

Beautiful Eulogy – There latest release “Instruments of Mercy” is available for free download at

Also, Red Letters the Less @


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