The Promises of God

Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013 in Books, Scripture

Psalm 108 is a burst of praise and confidence from King David springing from the well of God’s lovingkindness, or steadfast love. This “love” refers to God’s covenant love for His people, and in this psalm David remembers God’s promises and His covenant faithfulness. It has been said that there are near 3,800 such promises in the Word of God. Of course, this would be impossible to verify due to one’s interpretations of particular texts. Regardless, there are a lot of God’s promises for us to meditate upon – and myriads of books and blogs written on and web pages dedicated to this glorious theme.

This one I am sure is worth the $5 Friday special today at Ligonier. The book summary reads:

Joel R. Beeke and James A. La Belle draw from stellar Puritan treatises on divine promises by Andrew Gray, Edward Leigh, and William Spurstowe, and offer them in contemporary language for today’s readers. Moving beyond historical interest, this book explores a topic that is vital for Christian living.

By God’s grace, it will help you treasure the promises that God establishes in Christ and conveys in His covenant love to comfort you in sorrow and strengthen your faith. With the Spirit’s blessing, this book will energize and deepen your life as you appropriate the precious promises in God’s Word.


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